Prenatal Massage

Focuses on the specific needs of the mom-to-be and is a wonderful compliment to prenatal care. Prenatal massage uses special draping and the specially designed Body Cushion. Designed to help Mom-To-Be comfortably lay on her side with belly, legs, shoulder and head perfectly supported guaranteeing a relaxing session. I have obtained an Advance Certification in prenatal massage allowing me to serve Mom through each stage of her pregnancy. Please look at the prenatal page to learn more about the benefits of massage during your pregnancy. READ MORE
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Postpartum Massage

A soothing massage that addresses new moms needs and concerns after having a baby. This is a gentle massage that helps to relieve muscle aches and pains. Please look at the prenatal page to learn more about the benefits of massage following your pregnancy. READ MORE
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Swedish Massage

As the best known type of massage, the primary goal is to relax the entire body. Swedish massage uses long flowing strokes with oil or lotion. Studies show that receiving a 45-minute Swedish massage significantly decreases levels of the stress hormone cortisol and increased lymphocytes and white blood cells which boost the immune system.
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Sports Massage

Sports massage combines trigger point therapy as well as stretching and various exercises to assist in optimal athletic performance. My advanced certification in sports massage along with hands-on experience has provided me with the expertise to work with athletes who are rehabilitating from an injury or are interested in a regular maintenance program. Post event flushing is also a service offered. Massage is a beneficial addition to any athletic activity. 
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Deep Tissue Massage

A very effective massage technique that is directed to specific muscles and connective tissue. Its purpose is to “unstick” the tissues and/or deactivate trigger points, while releasing deeply held patterns of tension, enabling nutrient-rich fluid to re-enter previously blocked tissue. 
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Hot Stone Massage

A very relaxing and soothing massage that releases those deep muscle fibers with gentle heat. This is a treatment that will take your breath away leaving you rejuvenated and stress free. Great for those who love the extra warmth in a session, but not so great for those who have hypertension or prone to hot flashes. 
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Chair Massage

Massage that is done while sitting, fully clothed, in a specially designed chair. This is usually used in an off-site setting but can occasionally be used in my massage room. Traditionally, massage chairs allow easy access to head, shoulders, and back and are usually between 10-15 minutes in duration.
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  • 60 minute: $75
  • 90 minute: $105
  • Set of six 60 minute massages for the price of 5: $375
  • Set of six 90 minute massages for the price of 5: $525
  • Add hot stones for $20 to any massage.
  • Corporate/On-site chair massage events - 2 hour minimum: $61 per hour

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Jessica is amazing! I have had chronic back and neck pain for years that has been resistant to all types of treatments until I met Jessica and her therapeutic massage therapy techniques. She has also taught me self-care exercises so that I can continue to find relief from the pain and strengthen my muscles. I see her on a regular basis and would highly recommend her to anyone suffering from persistent pain issues. She truly has healing hands!